FLYER Summer 2019


In this issue of FLYER

Going Glass – The advent of lower-cost digital avionics has made it viable to invest in older aircraft. Ian Seager, has just finished his own major panel upgrade, and he’s learnt a few things along the way.

The JH Aircraft Corsair SSDR, the pint-sized Corsair has a four-stroke radial engine and gullwing like the original, but the similarities end there. Clever, ultralightweight construction and low stall speed makes it a single-seat deregulated category aircraft in the UK. Peter Wolter talks to designer and builder Jörg Hollmann.

In First Solo, president, CEO and chief flight instructor of Stallion 51 Corporation, Lee Lauderback talks about the first time he flew the P-51 Mustang and how he’s gone on to log 10,000 hours on the type.

Licenced airports have most things covered where pilots are concerned. Move away to a strip and a whole new world opens up. More risks? Possibly. Plenty of rewards? Most certainly. Joe Fournier explains all in Accident Analysis.

In Flying Adventure, discover how Danny Cunningham breaks out of his comfort zone with his ‘gang’, who have long encouraged his aviation adventures, and flies from Derby to Elba, Corsica – and back – in 10 days.

Carbon Monoxide can be a silent killer in GA cockpits. We test some digital monitors in this issue’s Top Gear.


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Columns from Matt Dearden, Mark Hales and Ian Seager.
Plus all the latest news.