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FLYER Summer 2018


Go time-travelling with Thomas Borchert as he flies a fabulous re-creation of the Junkers F 13 from 1919. The ‘mother of all modern airliners’ was the first to have an all-metal airframe, the new version is certified for the modern world, and you can buy one

Ever wondered what’s involved in becoming a Class Rating Instructor? David Kelly did, and before he knew it, he was heading to Andrewsfield to take the plunge…

Dave Calderwood takes a look at how the UK CAA’s recent endorsement of Wingly means that the cost-sharing service, and others like it, may now become much more popular.

In First Solo, John Torode, the founder of Dynon Avionics and Vashon Aircraft found his first spin, from 6,000ft, to be much more memorable than his first solo flight.

Just what does it mean to be in control? In Accident Analysis, Joe Fournier reasons that, when you’re talking about being in control during an emergency, it’s more a state of mind, one from which pilots must try to look past any distractions and manage an aircraft at the most basic level.

In Flying Adventure, Paul Kiddell and a fellow member of his EuroStar syndicate prove that you can have a lot of fun visiting some Scottish strips on a sunny day.

Ever wondered about making your own headset from consumer-grade ANR headphones? With the OSEI Crystal Mic you can – but does it compare to purpose-built headsets? Plus, Grypmat flexible tool trays and SEHT’s lightweight carbon-fibre headset on test.


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