FLYER September issue


In the September issue of FLYER

It’s often said that meeting your heroes is a mistake, happily there’s an exception to that rule – the Boeing Stearman. Ian Seager went to Goodwood to try one that’s available for PPL hire

A modified wing, airframe and cabin tweaks – and the addition of the turbocharged Rotax 915iS, have turned the Slign 4 into the Sling TSi. Dave Hirschman takes a look

In First Solo, Youtuber Steve Thorne, aka ‘Flight Chops’ recalls a near miss with a snowbank on the runway threshold

Some accidents can be just down right obvious. Joe Fournier takes a look at some examples in  Accident Analysis

Landing on water in a seaplane? Andrew Christou certainly makes a splash on a Flying Adventure in Greece

Just a year after launching the ProFlight in-ear ANR headest, Bose have unveiled the ProFlight 2 with a number of tweaks. Jack Godwin puts it to the test in Top Gear.

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