FLYER magazine cover October 2017

FLYER October 2017


While the Cirrus G6 model changes for 2017 brought Garmin Perspective+ and Spectra lighting to the whole SR range, the big news for the SR20 is more power, and an increased useful load, thanks to a new, four-cylinder Lycoming engine. Ian Seager tries out the newest, simplest Cirrus SR.

Over half a million people and around 12,000 aircraft converged on EAA AirVenture – or Oshkosh as you really know it – this year. If you love aviation, there’s no better place to be… We’ve got eight pages of beautiful photography that is almost as good as being there!

In First Solo, operatic tenor Michael Fabiano talks about how he found the absolute focus needed as a pilot has improved his singing.

It’s pretty clear your instructor is in charge as they shepherd you through your first flight lesson. But after that, as your skills become more refined and your confidence grows, as Joe Fournier suggests in Accident Analysis, there’s growing potential for confusion about who’s handling the controls with two pilots in the cockpit,

Four years after Mark Albery flew his Van’s RV-8 from the US to the UK, he was back working in Silicon Valley and decided to make the journey in reverse, this time with a party of fellow transatlantic flyers.

You need to make sure that your aircraft is fitted with a radio with 8.33kHz channel spacing by 1 January 2018. Time is tight, as are avionics shop bookings, but there’s still plenty of money to be claimed in radio rebates. Dave Calderwood brings you right up to date.

Plus save £89 with six fantastic Free Landings, great columns from Matt Dearden, Mark Hales and Ian Seager, and all the latest news.