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In the November issue of FLYER

Flying an aircraft that’s powered just through the efforts of furious pedalling by the pilot is tougher than you might think. And as John Boyce discovered, you need an entire team of helpers to get to the point you rotate for flight…

Editor Ed Hicks braved gusty winds and the odd shower to capture the highlights of this year’s LAA Rally. And despite the weather and a more rigid slot system, the annual event still attracted almost 800 aircraft – and more than 4,000 visitors

In First Solo we meet Tamara Leitan, who was hooked on aviation from a young age. As for learning to fly at an RAF base as a civilian? Well, Tamara can certainly recommend it…

The impact of carbon monoxide poisoning should never be dismissed or taken lightly. Anyone who flies an aeroplane should be aware of the dangers, as Joe Fournier reports in this month’s Accident Analysis

After a successful tour of Scotland, David Alvarado and friends decided to take a trip to the Emerald Isle – and were impressed with the scenery and the extra friendly welcome wherever they roamed…

Our man Ian Seager tests the latest update to Foreflight with European graphical notams, plus Jonny Salmon dons his Marigold’s to try out the Worx Hydroshot cordless pressure washer

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Columns from Matt Dearden, Mark Hales and Ian Seager.

Plus all the latest news.