FLYER November 2018


As the automotive industry leads the way with hybrid power systems, there’s more development than ever taking place within aviation. Mark Hales
gives his personal view of what you might end up flying behind in the future of GA.

Three Perfect Days – Take one airfield, add wall-to-wall sunshine and 1,000 visiting aircraft. This was the recipe for the best Light Aircraft Association Rally to take place in recent years. Take a look at some of the highlights in our 8 photo-filled pages.

First Solo meets Chris Pote, an RAF Wing Commander who, Inspired by early aviation pioneers, is celebrating the RAF 100 by flying his Eurofox homebuilt aircraft from the UK to New Zealand.An aircraft that’s just come out of maintenance shouldn’t have any defects waiting to catch out the unwary pilot. However, as Joe Fournier discovers in Accident Analysis, when accepting that freshly signed-out aircraft, there’s no better time to ‘trust, but verify’

Flying Adventure has the first instalment of a two-part feature, chronicling Spanish aviator Michel Gordillo’s heroic Sky Polaris project, to circumnavigate the globe, flying over both Poles, in his Van’s RV-8.

Plus, Top Gear puts the low cost Kanardia Horis all-in-one AI/DI & G-meter to a 6 month 250 hour test.


– Save £55 with six fantastic free landings!
– Great columns from Dave Hirschman, Mark Hales and Ian Seager.

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