FLYER May 2019


The change in regulations to allow paid-for flight training in Permit aircraft means it’s now possible to go aerobatic and formation flying at a much lower cost. Josef Campion meets up with one school that taking advantage of this at Manchester Barton
Cirrus invited our very own Ian Seager to the US to fly the latest Generation 2 Vision Jet and 2019 edition SR22T Arrivée. And while the flying didn’t go exactly to plan, it did prove the value of the latest updates
Aquila A212GX Turbo. Since its introduction in 2001, and as a trainer, Aquila’s composite two-seater has enjoyed a solid reputation. There’s now a Rotax 914 turbocharged Aquila for higher-altitude operation. Thomas Borchert reports
In First Solo, Beth Moran tells us how being asked to take part in a documentary about learning to fly led to her getting the flight of her life with the USAF Thunderbirds display team
Michael Smith dismisses all the doubters and goes in search of Russian light seaplanes.
Find out how he fared in this issue’s Flying Adventure
Joe Fournier takes a look at the Avidyne’s IFD 540 and 440 navigators.


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Great columns from Dave Hirschman, Mark Hales and Ian Seager
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