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FLYER May 2018


Flying a Spitfire had been on Trevor Bailey’s radar for many years, but parting with a couple of grand for a few minutes in the back seat of a legacy plane didn’t appeal. Then he discovered one of the UK’s most remarkable syndicates and bought himself a share in a fabulous 90 per cent-scale Supermarine Mk26B Spitfire.

Interested in owning an aircraft but put off by the thought of shouldering all the costs? Paul Kiddell suggests that it’s time to flick through the adverts or, better still, find some like-minded mates and start your own flying group.

In First Solo, we meet sixteen-year-old Caroline Dougherty, who wasn’t anxious about her first solo, which she made in her family’s 100-year-old JN-4D Jenny, but her father, air show pilot Paul Dougherty, was very nervous, indeed…

Many cockpit procedures, techniques and rituals have an obvious intent and order. But as Joe Fournier points out in Accident Analysis, what’s obvious to some can be new knowledge to others.

In Flying Adventure, Nic Orchard took her interest in the WWI defence installations dotted around Kent and turned it into an entry for the annual Pooleys Dawn to Dusk Competition, where she aimed to spot and take pictures of 100 sites in a single day’s flying.

In Top Gear, we check out the Epic Optix Eagle 1, the first portable head-up display for General Aviation.


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