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In the March 2020 issue of FLYER…

Newly certified aircraft are rare machines. However, just recently in France, the APM 41 Simba, the first four-seat aircraft powered by the 141hp Rotax 915 iS, received its EASA certification. Jean-Marie Urlacher takes a closer look

Regulatory change is on the horizon for aircraft and pilot licensing that might bring a paradigm shift for UK PPL flight training. Ian Seager shares his thoughts on the 600kg generation

Before departure it pays to take heed of any frost, ice and snow that has formed or fallen on your aircraft, as Joe Fournier reports

In First Solo, we talk to Rory Auskerry, the pilot behind the RoryonAir YouTube channel.

Flying Adventure follows Andrew Dinnie and friend as they take their very own Greek odyssey flying to Corfu.

Top Gear settles down for a spot of reading with a three new books


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– Great columns from Matt Dearden, Mark Hales and Ian Seager

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