FLYER March 2019


A look at Eraole, a fascinating French multi-hybrid project that plans to emulate Lindbergh’s pioneering flight across the Atlantic, on an unusual combination of bio-fuel, hybrid electric and solar power

When it came time to train pilots for American glider operations in WWII, Piper, Aeronca and Taylorcraft created glider versions of some very familiar light aircraft. Ken Scott takes a look at a couple of rare survivors.

In First Solo, Mike Wildeman, an amputee pilot and team member of disabled pilots formation team Bader’s Bus Company, has a hard time choosing between his first solo in a Cessna 152, his first time alone in a Jet Provost.

It sounds simple, and it is, if you are fully expecting the challenges that await when you take the decision to go-around. In Accident Analysis, Joe Fournier discovers that the go-around can bite with little warning for those not completely ready…

In Flying Adventure, Charles Sunter and Breighton-based friends head to take a Jungmann, Jungmeister and Broussard to Skive, Denmark, for the Vintage Aerobatics World Championships

Top Gear finds out if the DJI Osmo Pocket, a tiny all-in-one gyro-stabilised camera, is a useful tool for pilots.


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