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FLYER March 2018


A pretty, practical biplane which, via a few twists and turns is still in production today, the Great Lakes Sport Trainer has been delighting pilots since 1929. Ian Seager met one owner who’s been enjoying his for 5,000 hours

The iconic Stampe biplane has been recreated in its homeland as a modern, user-friendly microlight. But the catch may be that the UK weight limit is, for now, limiting… Peter Wolter finds out more.

In First Solo, we talk to the world’s most popular GA YouTuber, Steveo1Kinevo, who had his first flying lesson aged 29.

Some of a pilot’s most feared in-flight emergency situations involve fire and smoke, as their effects may impede choosing the right response – land immediately or isolate the issue first? Joe Fournier suggests it’s useful to consider how you’d respond

Following his African adventure, covered in FLYER Summer 2017, the second leg of Peter Wilson’s Three Journeys Round charity project saw him circumnavigating the globe in his Robinson R66.

In Top Gear, we take a look at Garmin’s GFC500 autopilot, a new lower-cost solution for getting a digital autopilot in the cockpit.


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