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FLYER June 2018


Our first Flight Test sees Ian Seager flying a gorgeous, open-cockpit, thirties-style, radial-powered WACO biplane, on floats, in the sunshine – it doesn’t get any better!

Hot on the heels of the certification of Rotax’s newest offering, the 141hp, fuel-injected and turbocharged 915 iS, BRM Aero will be one of the first manufacturers to offer an aircraft powered by the engine. Our second Flight Tests finds Thomas Borchert trying the 915 iS in the newest Bristell.

This issue’s Flying Adventure is the first instalment of Peter Gorman’s two-part chronicle of an epic flight from the UK to China in a Mooney M20, battling bureaucracy and long hours en route.

Top Gear sees Joe Fournier reviewing MiraCheck, the app which thinks it’s a co-pilot and allows you to run through a checklist as though you’re a commercial flyer.

First Solo features Kyle Fosso who, before he even learnt to fly, bought a 1954 Cessna C170B, and after a seven-year restoration, he’s got his licence and is now to fly it around every US state.

In some ways, flying has never been easier, and General Aviation aircraft have become hugely capable. However, as Joe Fournier points out in Accident Analysis, the dark side of this situation is that the environment which GA pilots operate in has remained unforgiving.


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