FLYER July 2019


The L model was a shift of style for Aeronca, produced for barely 24 months and in limited numbers, so survivors today are ultra-rare. Andrew King was asked to test fly one recently restored example.

It’s showtime! FLYER’s team head to Friedrichshafen for AERO 2019 and there’s nine-pages of all the highlights from Europe’s biggest and best GA show.
In First Solo we meet serial adventurer James Ketchell, who’s hoping to be the first person to make a round the world trip in a gyrocopter – and set a world record in the process…
In Accident Analysis Joe Fournier looks at how flight manuals can quickly become outdated and how it is vital that supplements are added in an orderly manner – as well as referred to regularly.
When asked to help retrieve the sole Miles Mercury from Denmark, Mark Hales didn’t hesitate – it was a definite ‘yes’ from him… He tells the tale in Flying Adventure.
Certified auto-pilots used to be expensive purchases, but then Garmin introduced the  GFC 500 Digital Autopilot, and now it’s EASA certified. Ian Seager puts it to the test.
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Columns from Dave Hirschman, Mark Hales and Ian Seager.

Plus all the latest news.