FLYER January 2019


Looking a little like a miniature de Havilland Beaver, the Rearwin Cloudster is a 1930’s classic that delivers radial charm and delightful handling in a practical package. As Mark Hales found out though, you just need to watch it on landing…

If you’ve got a low-houred constant-speed propeller on a Permit aircraft, there’s a new inspection option available that could help save you money while making sure it receives the care and attention it deserves. Ed Hicks took a prop along to Brinkley Propeller to find out what’s involved in the process.

How often do you sit at the end of the runway and think about the circumstances under which you might abort? In Accident Analysis, Joe Fournier thinks it’s good planning to be clear what your expectations of the take-off roll will be, so if you do need to abort, you do so with the best margin to stop safely.

In First Solo, a flour bombing tournament, spinning exercises and an aerobatic competition meant Jon Higgins’ pilot training in a Chipmunk was packed with adventure.

Brit Tom Leaver thought that barnstorming his way across the US with friends might make for one last fabulous trip in his 1928 Travel Air 4000, but after 3,275nm and 45 hours in the cockpit, he was more in love with his biplane than ever…

In Top Gear we put Garmin’s latest pilot watch, the D2 Delta PX to the test.


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