FLYER February 2019


Famous for creating fast, efficient singles, Mooney Aircraft has added a second door, Garmin NXi avionics and a plush interior to create the Acclaim Ultra. Paul Bertorelli flies the fastest four-place certified, single-engine piston you can buy today…

After leaving the Red Arrows, Ben Murphy turned to the Red Bull Air Race for his adrenaline fix. 2018 saw him move to the Master Class as the sole Brit, and what a year it’s been! He talks to Dave Calderwood about the season’s highs and lows.

In First Solo, we talk to David Monks, the new chairman of the Royal Aero Club, and find out that while he got to the point of making his solo hover pretty quickly, his first solo helicopter circuit, took a few hours longer to accomplish.

While the development of technology that can help keep us safe continues at a steady pace, in Accident Analysis, Joe Fournier points out that sometimes our willingness or understanding of it means we might not use it when it can most help us

Plus, Top Gear tests an EASA-Certified engine monitor that allows owners to swap one old-school round analogue engine gauge for a multi-function digital replacement.


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