FLYER December 2018


It’s sixty years since the biggest of the Jodels took to the sky. The D140 Mousquetaire is a four-seat Permit to Fly load-lifter with no equal – if it fits in, you can probably fly with it. Mark Hales tries one for size…

Nineteen years ago, Cirrus delivered its first SR20. Some companies might have stopped there, but Cirrus continued to improve and evolve.To celebrate their 7,000th delivery they created a very special edition SR22T, and we got to put one to the test.

First Solo meets Jon Gowdy, a 747 captain and aerobatic display pilot who experienced the same buzz when making his first solos in a glider, a C150 and a Spitfire…

At certain points during our lives, we’ll probably need to take some medication. As Joe Fournier discovers in Accident Analysis, it pays to read the small print when it comes to the side-effects, as some drugs can impair our abilities more than we may realise…

To the South Pole! Don Pearsall concludes the chronicle of Spanish aviator Michel Gordillo’s heroic Sky Polaris project, to circumnavigate the globe, flying over both Poles, in his Van’s Aircraft RV-8…

Top Gear puts the new portable uAvionix SkyEcho 2 ADS-B traffic solution to the test


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