FLYER August 2019


D-Day 75 – June 6 1944 was the day Allied troops joined forces to land on Normandy’s beaches and free France. It was D-Day. And 75 years on Paul Kiddell jumped in his Eurostar to follow the D-Day 75 airborne commemorative events.

Stepping onto the scales can be a dream or a nightmare. But every new aircraft has to roll onto the scales before it takes to the sky… Editor Ed Hicks discovers just what that entails with his own aircraft build.

In First Solo, Matt Jones reveals how his first solo wasn’t as scary as sending his first student out solo.

Joe Fournier reports on the importance of conveying vital messages, but also how things can change once an emergency is declared.

Peter Wilson flies with Robin Doten in Latin America in an R66 on the third and final leg of his Three Journeys Round.

Ian Seager reviews Mike Busch on Airplane Ownership and the Garmin Flight Stream 510.

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Columns from Dave Hirschman, Mark Hales and Ian Seager.
Plus all the latest news.