FLYER April 2019


The Yak 110. Three engines, two radial plus one jet, two fuselages, one wing and a very odd connected tailplane. It can fly vertically at 100kt, and makes an extraordinary noise. Ken Scott reports

The new breed of Goodyear-Zeppelin NT airships are high-tech, safe, and capable of long cross-country flights. Tom Haines of AOPA USA got to fly one of these very special machines

Sasha Dench flew a paraglider and a microlight to follow the migration of Bewick swans. Here’s her First Solo story

In Top Gear we review the amazing Dynon D3 portable EFIS. No mods or approvals are needed and it can be used in any aircraft as a mini glass cockpit. Plus, we try the world’s lightest, folding electric bike, the Hummingbird

Diabetes is an awkward one for aviation but two pilots proved it can be managed when they set a new record of flying to 29 US states in 24 hours. This issue’s Flying Adventure

2019 Events Calendar. All the fly-ins and shows we know about

Kelly Latimer is Chief Test Pilot for Virgin Orbit and also gets to fly the WhiteKnightTwo launcher. We catch up with her in I Get Paid For This…


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