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FLYER April 2018


Got a national lifetime licence, but want to keep flying an EASA aircraft after 8 April 2018? We’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you convert before the deadline!

When the US Army drew up a post-WWII requirement for a truck-transportable observation aircraft, Boeing responded with it’s impossibly odd-looking YL-15 Scout observer. Nearly sixty years later, one example has been returned to the skies. Ken Scott finds out what was involved, and what it’s like to fly.

Since 2009, the annual High Sierra Fly-in has attracted hundreds of pilots, to the wilds of Nevada to indulge in flying in the wild by day and the sharing of tall tales around the fire, by night. Leonardo Correa Luna reports on his first trip to Dead Cow lakebed.

In First Solo, by the time Mike Edwards MBE, the Chief Advisor to the Indian Air Force Vintage Flight, took his PPL, his Father already had him flying aerobatics!

A whole array of high-tech kit can can be found within GA nowadays, but as Joe Fournier explains, pilots should be mindful of what this tech can and cannot do for us…

In Flying Adventure, with thirty hours under his belt on his EV-97 EuroStar, Paul Bass heads solo into eastern Europe, to visit the Evektor factory, crossing five countries and flying over Germany’s highest mountain en route…

Tired of tatty placards in the cockpit? In Top Gear, Ed Hicks tries out Fly Visuals‘ custom service to create create a smart new set for the cockpit of his RV project.


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