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  • FREE landing fees – our famous six free landing fees will be available only to FLYER Club members.

  • 5% off whenever you shop at Pooleys (excludes Bose headsets).

  • EARLY access to Simon Keeling’s twice weekly aviation weather briefing.

  • £10 off when you spend £40+ with Transair Flight Equipment (excludes Bose headsets).

  • A FREE digital copy of A View from the Hover by John Farley.

  • Access to back issues. So far, we’ve uploaded all the issues from  2011’, 2012 and 2013. We’ll be gradually adding more years!

  • FREE Membership of The FLYER Club when you take out life insurance with Stein Pilot Insurance.*
  • FREE initial conversation with The FLYER Club’s EASA and FAA AeroMedical Examiner (AME) Dr Frank Voeten.

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